The source server is currently rejecting replication requests

Hi guys,
Wanted to share with a problem I helped solve today.
A client of mine called me complaining the he can longer access one of his DC’s using SMB share.
Let me first explain you the current network structure.
There are two separated forests, connected using an External Trust.
Users in domain A access a share located on a DC located in domain B. also, users are accessing a FTP application installed on this DC using user names from domain B (they have an account for each domain)  – using only their username (without domain name or UPN).

Once I’ve connect to the clients network I’ve noticed immediately that none of the DC’s in domain B are replicating or even are in a healthy condition (services are down and etc…).
I’ve discussed the situation with my client, and we have decided to delete all DC’s except the one that we figured out is likely to be healthy. Using ‘dcpromo /forceremoval’ and ‘ntdsutil/metadata cleanup’ we removed all DC’s from the domain – including the one hosting the FTP application and the SMB shares.
The next step was to re-promote that FTP DC as a domain controller – I had to do it since the users accessing this FTP application were using ‘USERNAME’ only to login, without supplying the domain name or UPN suffix.
I re-joined the server to the domain (it was out due to the ‘forceremoval’ switch) and run the ‘dcpromo‘ to promote it as a DC, and then I saw this error:
The source server is currently rejecting replication requests
This happens when you try to re-promote an old DC that you removed forcly from the domain. If I was able to demote the DC without the ‘forceremoval’ switch then I wouldn’t had any problem.
To work around this issue, I had to clear two flags on the working DC (according to this article).
To do it I issued to commands on the working DC:
repadmin /options *servername* -disable_inbound_repl
repadmin /options *servername* -disable_outbound_repl
where servername is the name of the working DC.
That did the trick and the server was re-promoted.
You can read more about this error in this Technet article.

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