Microsoft Online Sign In tool not working

Hi guys,

Just a quick one on a problem I stumbled upon today with the Microsoft Online Sign In tool.

I Installed a TMG in a client’s network, and configured it as a Web Proxy, with basic URL filtering.
While testing a client’s machine connecting to the web through  the newly installed proxy, we’ve discovered that the Microsoft Online Sign In failed to login with the following error:
I’ve searched the web for a bit, and found the solution is to modify the ‘SignIn.exe.config’ file located in the Installation folder of the tool:
(64bit) %ProgramFiles(x86)%\Microsoft Online Services\Sign In
(32bit) %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Online Services\Sign In

According to the following article:


[Update January 14th, 2013]

Microsoft have removed the article from their web site for some reason, you can still use this method to solve this issue, but as always backup everything you can before doing it!


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