Hi guys,
I stumbled upon these two very cool tools today and I just had to share!
The first one is called Software Updates Synchronization SuperFlow and it can be downloaded for free from the Microsoft Download Center:

Once you install this very light tool you can use to better understand how SCCM is synchronizing with Microsoft servers to download and distribute Software updates. The tool is very cool and even shows you an animation of the process works! Very nice!

The other tool is called SuperFlow for Configuring Software Updates and it can be downloaded from here:

Now this tool provide you with all the information you need to know to deploy software updates using your SCCM server – you know, stuff like Search Folders, Deployment Templates and etc…
It is built very nicely and it takes thru the entire process step by step, and explains how each step should be done.

If you feel that you are confused with all the different names (deployment templates vs packages) or just want to clarify something – I suggest you download those tools J

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