You cannot delete a mobile phone

Hi guys,
Been a while since my last post.
Just wanted to update you on something I stumbled upon the other day.
A client of mine called me and said he has a problem deleting a mobile phone registered under a user’s.
Let me explain, every time you have a mobile connected to your mailbox, it is then registered under your account. If you connect more than one device – each and every one of them is going to be registered. If you used to synchronize one device, and lost it – this device will still appear under your account. Even if you have replaced it and now synchronizing with a totally different mobile device.
As a regular user you can view the list of registered devices when you connect to OWA. From there you can remove them, remote wipe them and etc..
As the admin of the organization, you would have to open the ‘Manage Mobile Phone’ wizard from the EMC for each user.
My client opened his EMC and fired ‘Manage Mobile Phone’ wizard on a certain user, saw that this user has already synced more than one phone and tried to delete the old ones. But he got the following error:
And something like : The ActiveSyncDEvice can not be found. In the application log.
After looking for a while I found the solution. Apparently since the user has used this device, he was moved to a different OU in the AD. Once I moved him back to his original OU (the one he was in when he synched the device) I ran the wizard again and whoalla!!
Tip: how did I know which OU he was in the first place? Look at the error in the wizard (mine is blacked out) it says exactly where the user was when he synched the device! 

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