Cannot add a printer using GPP

Hi guys,

So you have decided to use GPP (Group Policy Preferences) to deploy network printers to users, configured everything on the GPO but the users cannot see the printer?
I’ve saw this error before, but couldn’t remember how to solve this, so this time I decided to blog about it!
If you look on the Application Event you might see the following error:
‘0x80070bcb The Specified printer driver was not found on the system and needs to be downloaded.’
It turns out in Win7 when you try to install a Printer driver which is not located in the local store of the machine, it promptes you for confirmation. Now, because GPP applies before actual login to the system, you cannot see the prompt and thus the setting fails.
To solve it/work around it, you will need to set a policy that allows the client to install printers without the confirmation. To accomplish it, go to Computer configuration -> Policies -> Administrative Templates -> Printers , and set the ‘Point and Print Restrictions’ setting to ‘Disabled’.

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