How to remove Delegates wizard window in Outlook 2010

Hi guys,
I have a customer who has decided to deploy Outlook 2010 for all its users (2500~), and he asked me to deploy some very strict policies on those users.
One of the very important setting he wanted me to configure is that users wont be able to play around with delegates.
I’ve searched the web for quite a lot, and finally learned about a very nice feature in Office 2010 ADM that is called – Disable user interface items and shortcut keys in Office 2010.
I have deployed the ADM files (using a central store), downloaded the Office Fluent User Interface Control Identifiers and followed the guide how to disable the interface. I found that the control ID I was looking for was in the OutlookExplorerControls.xlsx, and it’s called DelegateAccess and its ID was 20103.
I set the policy appropriately, created a test user and a test machine and started testing. Unfortunately the policy did not disable the setting. I then spend another several days cracking my head on this, but I finnaly learned that this Control ID only disable the Delegates button when it resides on your Ribbon… it does not disable the ‘File -> Account Settings -> Delegates Access’ button.
Since then I have searched the web for quite a while but could find any answer that can solve the issue for me. 
At the end, the only solution I could come up with, is to simply delete the wizard file. If you go to the folder of your office installation (Microsoft Office\Office14) you will see a file there called ‘DLGSETP.DLL’. change its name to ‘DLGSETP.DLL.old’ and this will remove the wizard completely 

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