How to uninstall FEP 2012 client

Back in SCCM 2007 when you installed FEP 2010 it added many features to the SCCM console – Collections, Packages and etc…

Now in SCCM 2012 the FEP is already integrated in the console, but there are no special Collections or Packages.
If you want to install a FEP client on a machine you simply ‘Enable’ the FEP Policy and deploy the policy to the machine – this will install the client. It does it by running a file called ‘SCEPInstall.exe’ which is located in the CCMSETUP folder. This file is pre-downloaded and ready to be installed the minute you enable the FEP Policy.
But what if for some reason you want to uninstall the client? there is no special task for that in the SCCM console.
To accomplish that all you need to do is to run that same file with the ‘/u /s’ parameters.
So, create a package on the SCCM which runs the file with those parameters and that will uninstall the client – just remember to user ‘%SYSTEMROOT%\CCMSETUP\’ in the program definition.


  1. How do you create a package on SCCM that will run that same file with the ‘/u /s’ parameters? Will this also uninstall FEP ?

    • Hi, you can do that by creating a package the same way you do it with any other package.
      If I’m still not clear, let me know and I will put another post with detailed instructions 🙂

      • Does this seem about right ? :
        %programfiles%\Microsoft Security Client\Setup.exe /x /s

        • No, in this case you would have to use:
          %SYSTEMROOT%\CCMSETUP\SCEPInstall.exe /u /s

          I suggest that you first try it on a single machine, its been a while since I written that post 🙂
          Let me know how this works out for you.

          • It worked like a charm ! Would this uninstall the SCCM 2012 client ?
            %SYSTEMROOT%\CCMSETUP\ccmsetup.exe /u /s

          • Good to hear!
            To uninstall the SCCM client you will have to run a different command:
            %SYSTEMROOT%\CCMSETUP\ccmsetup.exe /uninstall

            But know this, if you create a package on SCCM for that purpose (uninstall the client) the package will run on the client but there wont be any report on the SCCM server about the success or failure – because there is no client.

            I suggest use other means – either GPO or a script.

  2. Thank you for your quick response. I will deploy this command to a single machine and let you know what are the results.

  3. hello, I have tried to do this but it does not seem to work. Nothing happens… is there something that I am missing

    I created a package with command line %SYSTEMROOT%\CCMSETUP\scepinstall.exe /u /s
    assigned it to a temp group(1 machine) set to run as soon as possible…

    please let me know if you can help

    • Hi there,
      Have you tried running this command directly on the machine? (not from the SCCM).
      Can you see in the log files of the machine the package and why its failing?

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