Wrong application download size in Software Center

While installing and configuring a new installation of SCCM I’ve created a new application package to test that deployment works. So I’ve downloaded a fresh copy of a 7-Zip MSI, placed it in the same folder with all other installations, as it is a test deployment, and imported it to SCCM.
I than distributed it to a DP located on the same server. The distribution process was roughly long but I then moved to deploying it to clients as‘Available’ software. When the clients received the new policy, I tried installing the application – but it failed with a strange error:
There is not enough temporary space reserved to download the software.  You can use the Configuration Manager control panel applet to adjust the available temporary space.

I reviewed all the settings, made sure that the CCMCACHE folder is configured properly – 5120 MB and couldn’t figure why an application that is about 1MB throws an error like that. But then I noticed this:
How can it be I asked myself? Well after playing with it a bit I figured it out. You see, I placed the installation file in a folder that contained many other installations – the installation of SCCM itself, SQL and others…
I then created a special folder for the 7-Zip installation files, placed the file in that folder and re-imported it back to SCCM. This time the distribution to the DP took about 2 seconds, and the application appeared right in the Software Center:
I then clicked install and it installed itself in about 2 sec.

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