Cannot open Application Catalog website

2 main issues I’ve noticed when opening the Application Portal:
1 – WCF Activation is not installed
When this is true, and you try access the portal you will get the following error:
This usually happens due to the fact that the ‘WCF Activation Process’ is not installed on the server.
To solve this issue simply installed the missing feature, and restart the IIS:
2 – Wrong .NET is registered in IIS
Ok, so you have fixed the first issue but when you access the portal you see the following error:
This happens due to the fact that the wrong .NET Framework is registered to the IIS. All you need to do is re-register the right version. This error can also appear on computers where the .Net was installed prior to installing the IIS.
1. Open the following path in CMD: cd Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319
2. Run the following command to register the .NET: aspnet_regiis.exe –iru
3. Restart the IIS

And now, finnaly try the portal again:

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