Event ID 2115 A Bind Data Source in Management Group

My SCOM 2012 server started throwing the following warning message every couple of seconds:

[error]A Bind Data Source in Management Group MGMT_GROUP_NAME has posted items to the workflow, but has not received a response in 62820 seconds. This indicates a performance or functional problem with the workflow.
Workflow Id : Microsoft.SystemCenter.CollectPublishedEntityState
Instance : SCOM_SERVER
Instance Id : {C13C7110-AE8E-4C6C-CB9E-00579EA19BD9}[/error]

I’ve checked both SCOM and SQL server and saw no performance issues – CPU, Memory or Disks.

I also found the following article  – KB: How to troubleshoot Event ID 2115 in Operations Manager which refers exactly to my problem, but I didnt find the solution there.

I then looked at the properties of my Databases – OperationsManager and OperationsManagerDB. While looking at the properties of those DB’s from the SQL Server Management Studio I’ve noticed that the ‘Space Available’ parameter was too low – about 3MB. To view this paramter:

1. Go to ‘SQL Server Management Studio’ and connect to the Instance holding the OperationsManager and OperationsManagerDW Databases

2. Right-click on the DB name and choose properties

3. On the right side of the ‘General’ tab, you’ll see general properties of the DB and one of them is ‘Space Available’.

On the same properties page, go to ‘Files’ and you’ll see 2 files there:


Now you can see the initial DB file size and also a setting called ‘Autogrowth’ which represents how and if the file can grow larger in its size – which in my case was set to ‘None’ (the deafult).

To solve the issue, all I had to do was to increase the default size from 1024MB. I suggest you calculate the desired DB size using the System Center 2012 Operations Manager Sizing Helper Tool.

You can also configure the DB for AutoGrowth, but I suggest consulting this first with your Database Administrator – or who every manages the SQL server.


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