Get a list of installed Windows Updates

From time to time you need to identify which updates are installed on a certain system.

There are several ways to achieve this:

Lets start with the esiest way – using the console/GUI.

Go to Control Panel, open the ‘Uninstall Program’ GUI and choose ‘View Installed Updates’

Programs and Features

Programs and Features

Although most users love the GUI option, I preffer other ways – non-GUI 🙂

This way I can manipulate it, send it to managers and etc… You can use either WMI or Powershell to achieve this.

Lets start with WMI – actually WMIC (stand for WMI Command Line).

Open command line and run the following command:

wmic /node:localhost qfe get hotfixid,description,installedby,installedon /format:htable > c:\Installed_Updates.htm

This will create a file called ‘Installed_Updates.htm’ located on the root of C drive. The file is in HTM format so its view-able in Internet Explorer – I know… GUI 🙂

View installed updates using WMI

View installed updates using WMI

Now to my favorite – Powershell

You can use the following command to get a full list of installed updates:

Get-WmiObject -Class “win32_quickfixengineering”

View installed updates using Powershell

View installed updates using Powershell

Powershell is easily manipulated, for example if you want to search for a specific update simply run the following commands:

$UpdateId = Read-Host “Enter update id”
Get-WmiObject -Class “win32_quickfixengineering” | where {$_.hotfixid -eq $updateid}

It will prompt you for a specif update KB and search the local computer if its installed or not.

Search for a specific update using Powershell

Search for a specific update using Powershell


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