SOS Online Backup – worse service ever!

This is my personal review for the service provided by SOS Online Backup.

I know it’s completely unrelated to other topics on my blog, but there are several reasons why I have decided to write the post.

Online backup is becoming more and more popular. From my own experience I can share that a few years back I haven’t event thought about it. Nowadays, you have so many companies that provide Online Backup services for home users. I’m sure that if you read my blog, you’re one of those who are already using one of those services, or at least considering it.

The second reason is I really wanted to share the awful experience I have received, so that you have a honest opinion if you ever consider buying something from SOS Online Backup.

First let me explain you how their service works. I have bought the simplest solution called SOS for Home for which I have paid 349 USD. They don’t accept Paypal, they only accept credit cards. Immediately after paying I have received a user and password to login to their portal and to download the backup client I had to install on my PC, where I have about 250GB to data I wanted to backup.

Once I have installed the backup software on my PC I have configured the backup schedule – and this is one of the worst things about SOS Online Backup. You see, the backup is working on a schedule and only on a schedule. You have to configure it to work on certain time of the day. What happens if the PC is off at that specific time? Or the internet connection is down? Nothing! There won’t be any backup that day. The SOS Online Backup software actually uses windows ‘Schedule Task’ feature to set the backup time.

I have previously used a backup solution from a different company (I’ll review them on a separate post). Their software allowed to configure additional backups – for example, I used a constant backup. As soon as the file changed, or a new one created, the backup software uploaded it to the web storage immediately.

It was a real disappointment but I have decided to move on and start the backup. I made sure that my PC is running at the time I set the backup to, and left it running for about a two weeks. After two weeks of backup I have connected to the web portal to check that everything is ok and to view the amount of data backed up. At this point I’m going to mention that it took me about 35 days to upload all my data to the other service I previously mentioned. With SOS Online Backup on the other hand, after using it for about two weeks I have noticed it uploaded only about 10GB of data. It meant that it will take me about 50 months to backup all my data… 50 months… that’s 4 years… WOW!

Realizing that I have decided to contact the SOS Online Backup support – and their support service is one the main reasons I have decided to write this post. SOS Online Backup provide only e-mail support so I have logged in to the web portal and opened a ticket about really slow backup speeds. The reply I have received suggested that there was something wrong on my end – slow internet connection, antivirus software or low memory, and that everything looks good on their end. I have explained to them that everything was working great on my end – good internet speed, no AV software what’s or ever and a good amount of memory (4GB). I also mentioned to them that I had previously used a different backup service and that the speed over there was much faster. After that I have not received any response.

At this point I have decided to cancel my account with SOS Online Backup. For that I had to open a new ticket in which I explained my situation and the reason I want to cancel my account. It took their support 3 days to reply and their answer was that they are really sorry that I want to cancel my account and they added a link to their term of use page where it clearly says – no refunds!

So, after using a backup for about a two weeks and speaking with their support stuff for another month and a half I have realized that my money was gone – and I have no backup!

This is my personal opinion about SOS Online Backup. I’m sure that there are others there that can praise their service, but if you ever consider purchasing it – I suggest you think twice about it.

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