List of available SCOM 2012 Management Packs

Daniel Savage, from Microsoft, has created a really nice post about all of the existing SCOM 2012 Management Packs along with the download link. His post also includes a table of all the upcoming Management Packs for SCOM 2012 and their expected release date.

Also note that some of the Management Packs on that post are intended for SCOM 2007 and not 2012. Please note that before you download and install it.

Here’s the link to Daniel’s post:

The post only includes Management Packs released by Microsoft – for Microsoft products, so you won’t find 3rd party Management Pack here. There is another very nice blog post with a list of unofficial Management Packs but I can’t tell the name of the author of this blog to say thank you to.

Read the post here:


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