Orphaned RMS objects in SCOM console

It’s been a while since my last post! Hope that the stream of new posts won’t stop from now on.

From time to time I have to move SCOM RMS server to a new server. The procedure is pretty much straight forward and is documented in the following link:



Once I have removed the server it took another 15 minutes or so before the server was deleted from ‘All Management Servers Resource Pool’ but I have noticed that the server still appeared under Monitoring -> Operations Manager -> Management Server -> Management Servers State view:




As a matter of fact, looking on that view I found another old server I have removed long time ago.

To delete the server from the view I had to modify a table in SQL.

I run the following command to view all discovered objects of type HealthServiceWatcher:

select *

from BaseManagedEntity

where fullname like '%HealthServiceWatcher%' and DisplayName like '%scom01%'


And there it was – my two removed servers appeared in the results table. One of the columns in that table called ‘IsDeleted’. I run the following command to change the value of the field to 1 (TRUE):

update BaseManagedEntity

set IsDeleted = 0

where fullname like '%HealthServiceWatcher%' and DisplayName like '%scom01%'


I suggest you change another field called ‘LastModified’ so that you know when the objects was changed:

update BaseManagedEntity

set IsDeleted = 0, LastModified = GETUTCDATE()

where fullname like '%HealthServiceWatcher%' and DisplayName like '%scom01%'


Wait for another 10-15 minutes and you’ll see the change in the above view:




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One Comment

  1. Hello and Thanks for the detailed blog!
    a little comment from me, in your SQL Code example you “set IsDeleted = 0” but here you need “set IsDeleted = 1”, besides that your post helped me to finally remove the old servers from the overview.
    Thank you for that!


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