Altaro Hyper-V Backup – advanced installation

In  a previous post, Altaro Hyper-V Backup – basic installation, I have covered the basic installation process for Altaro’s Hyper-V Backup solution.

This post is going focus on the more advanced installation process. For example, lets say you want to deploy only the backup agent on the Hyper-V host and the other components on some other server.

As stated in the previous post, Altaro’s installation consist of a single file called “altarohypervbackupsetup.exe”. When you deploy this file it will install all three components on the server the installation is running on. To avoid that, we first need to extract the full installation package, which can be done in two ways:

  1. Run the installation file with the following parameters ‘/C /T:<where_to_extract>’
  2. Using 7-zip simply extract the file

Once extracted you will see several files in the folder, two of which are the actual MSI files

  1. Backup.msi – installation for pre 2012 versions of Hyper-V
  2. Backup2.msi – installation for 2012 and higher versions of Hyper-V

So when you choose the advanced installation option, make sure you do it with the correct file.

Now that you have the file extracted, all you have to do is run the installation with the right parameters:

msiexec /i &lt;the_right_msi&gt; ADDLOCAL=Feature_BackupEngine,Feature_BackupServer,Feature_ManagementTools /L*v %TEMP%\AltaroInstall.log /quiet

As you can see, the installation program takes 2 parameters:

  1. ADDLOCAL – the component to install
    1. Feature_BackupEngine – the backup agent. Should be installed on the Hyper-V host.
    2. Feature_BackupServer –use this component to manage backups on Hyper-V hosts.
    3. Feature_ManagementTools – management console for operators.
  2. /L – optional for logging

So lets say you want to install only the management tools on your own Windows 8 machine, in that you case you would run something like:

msiexec /i &lt;backup2.msi&gt; ADDLOCAL= Feature_ManagementTools /L*v %TEMP%\AltaroInstall.log /quiet

If you have a Windows 7 then you’d do something like:

msiexec /i &lt;backup.msi&gt; ADDLOCAL= Feature_ManagementTools /L*v %TEMP%\AltaroInstall.log /quiet

As always, if you have any question post them in the comments zone.
On my next post of the Altaro Hyper-V Backup series I will cover the management tools. Then we’ll dive into backup and restore.


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