Altaro Hyper-V Backup – Verify Backup

Ok, so we have covered how to install the Altaro Hyper-V Backup server, agent and console:

Altaro Hyper-V – Basic installation

Altaro Hyper-V – Advanced installation

We’ve also covered how to configure a scheduled backup:

Altaro Hyper-V – Create a Backup Schedule

Now that we finally have a working backup solution – backup is performed on a schedule and we actually have one or more backup’s, let’s see how we verify that backup ran successfully.

There are several ways to check the status of a backup but the easiest one is on the Dashboard. There are three windows in the dashboard that display:

Altaro Backup status

Altaro Backup status

Backup drive status – from here you can see how much free space you have for additional backup’s.

Total backup size/day – displays the size that each backup takes. You view this by a single VM or a total of all VM’s. Very easy to identify machines that grow in size very quickly.

Log view – here you can view the status of all your backup’s, restore history, error’s if any and the status of the offsite backup.

Looking at the dashboard I have identified that backup had executed twice (my lab is not always on). I can also see that the first backup (labeled as first) took 21 minutes to backup, 24~GB were backed up and compressed to 9.25GB. The second backup took 41 minutes to run (could be something else effecting the network), 6.5GB were backed up and compressed to 600~MB.

As you can see above this means several things:

Backups are running according to the schedule I’ve set.

The compression is pretty great! The first backup was shrunk by over 50% and the second backup was shrunk by over 90%!

In addition to the above, you can also notice that the second time the backup ran it was significantly smaller in size. To achieve this, Altaro Hyper-V Backup is using a technology called ReverseDelta which is developed by Altaro.

ReverseDelta is technology developed by Altaro Software that enables Altaro Hyper-V Backup to only save the changes between each version of a changed file, rather than backing up the whole file every time it changes.

This means that keeping multiple backup versions will require less space on your backup drive.

You can read more about this cool feature in the following link:

Another cool way to check the status of a backup is to view a report. In the Altaro Hytper-V Backup management console go to ‘Reports’ (bottom right) and choose ‘Latest Backups’. There you can see reports per a VM or all VM’s altogether. Also, you can double click a report to get some additional data about a specific backup job.

Altaro Backup report

Altaro Backup report

But, all of the above steps require you to open the console and view the status actively. There’s a much simpler way to view a status of a backup and this is by configuring notification. You can view my previous post with instructions how to configure this.

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