Bring back old Start Screen to Windows 10

Lets say you are a freak of Windows 8/8.1

Lets say you really like the way that the start screen looks like with all its tiles and etc…

Lets say you hate it, but you had to learn to live with it and you are already custom to it.

Now comes Windows 10 (preview, of course!) and turns the table again, removing the Start Screen and going back to the Start Menu we got use to prior to Windows 8/8.1.

Here’s a quick guide on how to change the default Start Menu the was introduced in Windows 10 to the way it looked in Windows 8/8.1

Right click on the task bar and choose properties:

Windows 10 Start Screen

Windows 10 Start Screen

Go to the the Start Menu tab and remove the check mark from use Start menu instead…”

Windows 10 Start Screen

Windows 10 Start Screen


You will have to sign out/in for changes to take effect.


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