Licensing Hyper-V servers – online book

Licensing servers (for example Hyper-V) and applications (like System Center) can be very confusing. There are lots of versions (Standard, Datacenter), lots of account types (Open, VL) and lots of misinformation going on.

Thankfully, Altaro have just published and ebook on how to license virtualized environments under Hyper-V.

Basically what you need to know is that you have 3 versions of Hyper-V servers:

  • Hyper-V server
  • Standard edition of Windows Server 2012
  • Datacenter edition of Windows Server 2012

While Hyper-V server is completely free to download and install people often get confused and claim that some of the features are not available. Actually, you can install Hyper-V server and get almost everything, and by almost I mean that there’s no GUI… big deal.

Standard and Datacenter versions of Server 2012 will cost you something but they have one thing that bears a huge advantage over the free version of Hyper-V server – when you buy one of those versions you actually get some free licenses for the VM’s that will run on-top of that platform. With Standard you get 2 licenses and with Datacenter you get unlimited. That’s right, unlimited!

go ahead and download the ebook and read carefully as licensing is very important!


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