Failed to set default computer name in UDI

I was trying to setup a default computer name in the UDI (User Drive Installation) wizard so that the displayed text will be something else than ‘MININT-XXXXXXX’. To accomplish that, I have used the UDI wizard and configured the ‘New Computer details\Computer Name text box’. My goal is that when the wizard is run during the computer deployement a default value will be displayed and the operator will only need to change the last 3 digits:

UDI Wizard default computer name

UDI Wizard default computer name

So everything was setup perfectly but when I ran a test deploy the wizard displayed the annoying MININT computer name:



Back to the editing table.

I’ve made sure that the UDI xml file was configured properly – and it was. So what the heck?

At this point I have decided to setup the OSDComputerName Variable during the task sequence – nada.

Configured the CustomSettings.ini file with the same variable – nada.

Right before giving up, I’ve decided to go over the UDI_Wizrd.xml file, instead of using the UDI Wizard. I found two lines that were interesting:

<Field Name="ComputerName" Enabled="true" VarName="OSDComputerName" Summary="Computer Name:SITE-XXX">


Which was the setting I configured using the wizard. But the second line was interesting:

<Setter Property="UseExistingComputerName" Type="boolean">True</Setter>

Changing the setting to False resolved my problem and the wizard displayed my default computer name during the deployment.


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