Error: Some driver(s) can not be imported successfully

While trying to import a new driver to SCCM I got the following error: Error: Some driver(s) can not be imported successfully

Cannot import driver

Cannot import driver

To get a real clue to why the import has failed you need to consult the driver import log – Open log DriverCatalog.log, from there I’ve noticed the following error:

This driver has already been imported into the driver catalog.  (CI_ID=SCOPEID_4314FB4F-E21B-4416-86FA-B9D18BE4A565/DRIVER_804A74F63AFC9195122BCA0DFF10277BE3DCF2DC_13FF0A865011FBFE85C17E3625424AF1FCA8350432BC8DB0006CF4476F1169B3)

So the driver is already imported. At this point I had two options – use the existing driver or delete it and import the driver again. I chose to delete it and import it from scratch. The reason why is that the system I’m working on had lots of drivers imported – even those that are not actually needed and I was performing a clean to the drivers DB in SCCM.

To delete the driver I had to first find it in the console or use PowerShell. Guess why method I used

Open Configuration Manager PowerShell:

ConfigMgr PowerShell

ConfigMgr PowerShell

Copy the CI_ID found in the log file and provide it to the search term. Also, you will have to provide a DriverPackageID and depends on the amount of Driver Packages you have, this could take a while.

Get-CMDriver –DriverPackageId <DrvPckID> | ? CI_UniqueID –eq 'CI_ID' | Remove-CMDriver –Force

Now that the driver is removed, I was able to import it using the wizard.


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