Hyper-V report for running environement

During the planning phase of a new Hyper-V project I like to get a good understanding of the current client’s environment. For that, I gather all the information I can regarding the number of hosts and their configuration (CPU’s, disks, memory and etc…), number of VM’s their configuration (vCPU’s, vMemory and etc…). On large environments, this can be a tedious task. Microsoft Hyper-V MVP Serhat AKINCI to the rescue!

Serhat has written one of the most amazing PowerShell scripts I have every seen! This amazing script gather all the information from all your Hyper-V hosts in the cluster and puts them in a very beautifully designed HTML report. Here’s an example of the report.

You can use this report even if your not planning a new project but simply wish to get more information about your current environment. While running this script at one of mine clients environment we have discovered many issues with the current install and immediately fixed them. For example, VHD’s high fragmentation level…

Thank you Serhat for the wonderful Hyper-V report script!


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