Agent proxy not enabled showing only GUID

Just a quick one here.

From time to time I notice the following error in SCOM console:

SCOM Agent Proxy GUID

SCOM Agent Proxy GUID

Agent proxy not enabled

The agent was not able to submit data on behalf of another computer because agent proxy is not enabled. Details:Health service ( EF5E5BD9-569F-ABE0-BBE8-9DF5C34EB822 ) should not generate data about this managed object ( E8A65CC4-77BD-1564-B4E3-E00BB80B0500 ).

As you can see in the Alert, we cannot identify the exact agent who is causing this alert and therefor cannot approve it as a proxy.

Use the following procedure to identify the exact agent:

Using OperationsManager PowerShell module (Import-Module OperationsManager) enter the following command:

Get-SCOMClassInstance -Id EF5E5BD9-569F-ABE0-BBE8-9DF5C34EB822

I have used the GUID supplied by the system, but should use the one in your alert.

The output of this command should be the agent causing so simply enabled its proxy and thats it 🙂

I recommend using the following PowerShell command for this:

Get-SCOMAgent -Name <agent_name_from_previous_command> | Enable-SCOMAgentProxy


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