Extending SCOM monitoring with PowerShell scripts

During the past few weeks I have been working a lot on writing PowerShell scripts that extend the basic/built-in SCOM capabilities. Basically, there’s lots of things my clients wish to monitor but can’t – no Management Packs offer what they need or they require something more complex than what the basic MP’s offer.

The beauty with SCOM is that it enables you to do pretty much anything you want. You just need to decide how and what you wish to monitor. In the past few weeks I have been working a lot with PowerShell so I choose this as the primary tool to develop scripts that perform the missing monitors.

One of the biggest faults of SCOM is that it doesn’t provide you with a built-in functionality to work with PowerShell scripts out of the box – only VB scripts. You can write your own MP using Authoring Console or maybe try 3rd party tools like the wonderful MP Author tool but I wasn’t looking into developing a full blown Management Pack. Not in this case. Instead, I wanted a simple way to create a monitor that uses PowerShell.

Thankfully, Wei H Lim has built a wonderful and very simple MP that covers just that. His MP extends the Operations Manager console and adds a few more choices to the Authoring pane which you can use to write PowerShell script. In his latest MP version, you can also use his MP to collect Performance data using PowerShell scripts. Awesome!!!

In this post I wanted to introduce you to Wei’s MP. In the following posts I will share with you some of the scripts I have written.

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