Altaro VM Backup – Part 2: Licensing


In previous post, Altaro VM Backup – Part 1: Installing, I showed you how to install and perform your first ever backup with Altaro. In this post I’m going to show you how you can verify your backup (restoration will be covered in a later post) and how to install Altaro VM Backup license file.

To make sure that the backup we have performed is intact and solid lets open up the Altaro VM Backup console.


Altaro VM Backup – Backup Status

As you can see, my last backup operation completed successfully! Great!

In the console, you could also see some other information such as the storage status, deduplication status and you could also see the upcoming operations – the next backup task.


In the top right part of the console you’ve might noticed that my trial for Altaro VM Backup was expired. Its about time to install that license file we paid for!


Altaro VM Backup – Trial ended

So click the alert and choose ‘I already have a license key’ (that is if you have one J. You should have received it by email) and paste in the text from the license key file you have received.


Altaro VM Backup – Enter License Key

Altaro VM Backup will verify the license key and if all is good you will have a licensed working product!


In the next post I’m going to discuss how to perform a restore job.

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