Altaro VM Backup – Part 4: Restore single file

One of the coolest features of Altaro VM Backup is it ability to perform a restore of a single file (aka granular restore). In a previous post I wrote about how to perform a restore of a full VM. Now I will show you how to perform restore of a single file.

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A small recap, in my lab I performed a backup of a single VM – the Domain Controller. For the purpose of this demo I’m going to restore a random file located on the C drive, but you can use this guide to restore any file you like. You could also use granular restore to restore Exchange items!

To perform single file restore, connect to your Altaro VM Backup console and go to Granular Restore

The procedure is pretty straight forward, divided into 5 steps.

Step 1, choose Restore Source – the disk you store all your backups

Altaro VM Backup - File level restore

File level restore

Step 2, choose VM to restore from

Altaro VM Backup - Choose VM to restore from

Choose VM to restore from

Step 3, choose Backup Version – where you will see all the retentions of this particular VM

Altaro VM Backup - Choose file to restore

Choose file to restore

Step 4, choose file to restore – you will see all the disks for the particular VM, select the disk and partition containing the file you want to restore

Altaro VM Backup - Choose backup version

Choose backup version

Step 5, choose where to save – you can choose either a local disk (on the machine you are running the console from) or a network share

Altaro VM Backup - Choose where to save

Choose where to save

That’s it! Since I choose only one, vary small file, the restore job was amazingly quick!

Altaro VM Backaup - Restore completed

Restore completed

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