SCCM Failed to install update 87D0070C

Sometimes when you deploy a windows update using SCCM you might encounter the following error – Failed to install update with error code 87D0070C

Failed to installl update 87D0070C

If you look at the UpdatesDeployment.log file you will see the same error:

Update (Site_XXX) Progress: Status = ciStateError, PercentComplete = 0, DownloadSize = 0, Result = 0x87d0070c

This happens sometimes because the updates Maximum run time is too short. What you will have to do is:

  1. Find the update in the SCCM console
  2. Open its properties and go to the Maximum run time tab
  3. Increase the maximum run time of the update
Increase Maximum run time

Increase Maximum run time

Now the update should run without a problem.

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