Altaro backup – new version (7.6)

In a previous post I wrote about Altaro Backup solution for Hyper-V (available also for VMWare). The post is not so much as a review but a complete installation guide, you can find it here:

Altaro VM Backup

Altaro VM Backup – Part 1: Installing

Altaro VM Backup – Part 2: Licensing

Altaro VM Backup – Part 3: Restoring

Altaro VM Backup – Part 4: Restore single file

Recently Altaro have release and updated version of their backup solution with some really cool new features:

  • Increase in backup speed by utilizing CBT – Change Block Tracking (or RCT – Resilient Change Tracking) Altaro backup solution uses internal Hyper-V function called ‘QueryChangesVirtualDisk’ that checks the latest changes to the disk without having to perform and incremental scan each and every backup.
  • More granular archiving options – Altaro Backup solution 7.6 introduces and new feature called GFS – Grandfather-Father-Son. With this feature you can easily set up separate backup cycles to stroe a new backup version every month or even a week.
  • Dramatically reduce RPO – Using a CDP – Continuous Data Protection scheme instead of a regular backup schedule, you can perform a backup each X minutes (5 for example) which will allow to restore to 5 minutes ago. This improves your RPO – Recovery Point Objective.


This is just some of the cool new features of Altaro Backup version 7.6. For a full list, go to  this link.


I encourage you to download the new version and try it out, you have a 30-day trial for free!

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