Windows Server 2019 announced!

Microsoft is holding its annual Ignite event and have yesterday announced the initial release of Windows Server 2019!

Windows Server insiders program allows you to try out new Windows Server builds right as they roll out, but the reality is that most of the time you cannot fully try out the new features as you probably cannot install beta software on your production server and trying out on test/dev servers does not provide the full picture.

In that case, I recommend you at least get familiar with Windows Server 2019 through the community and other resources. For example, I welcome you to join Altaro’s webinar on Windows Server 2019.

Altaro webinar on Windows Server 2019

Altaro webinar on Windows Server 2019

The webinar will be held a week after Microsoft Ignite so it will cover the complete feature set included in the full release, as well as a more in-depth look at the most important features in Windows Server 2019.

it’s also a great chance to ask your questions direct to those with the inside knowledge and receive answers live on air.

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