Oct 27

Finally! Skype for Business for Mac is available for download

Microsoft have finally released Skype for Business for Mac for download! As you might know, my personal laptop is a 2013 MacBook air and I love pretty much every feature of it. Except one – as most, if not all, of my work is with Microsoft software there are lots of missing applications for Mac …

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Oct 19

Configure Windows Server 2016 core edition


In a previous post I’ve showed you how to install Windows Server 2016 core edition. In this post I will show you how to configure basic settings in core edition (since we don’t have a GUI). Mainly we are interested in 3 things – IP address, Name and Domain membership. Once those are complete, everything …

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Oct 17

Installing Windows Server 2016 on Hyper-V 2012

Install now

Well now that Windows Server 2016 has been finally released and public (RTM) we can go ahead and try on top of our lab. This post will not focus on whats new or changed from the previous version. There are plenty of blogs/posts out there that cover just that. In this post I will cover …

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Mar 08

Change DNS servers list with PowerShell on remote server

Hello, While performing the preparation steps to demote a Domain Controller and replace it with another, I had to point other servers a workstations to work with another DNS server. Workstations was no issue – just changed the settings in DHCP scope/server options and thats it. Changing servers was trickier since their IP configuration is …

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Nov 16

Remotely signoff users from Remote Desktop session

Lets say you want to see how is connected to a remote computer (using Remote Desktop) and you want to disconnect that user remotely? For example, I want to connect to a remote computer for administrative purposes and can’t due to too many existing connections. In pervious versions of Windows Server (2003/2008) we had a …

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Nov 05

Monitor network drive access with SCOM and PowerShell

Continuing our monitoring with SCOM and PowerShell scripts series, this time I’ll share a script I wrote to monitor network drive access. Network drives are not discovered by SCOM and thus are not monitored, and network drives access can be a key element in some of todays applications so monitoring them becomes critical. Using the …

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Nov 01

Monitor screen resolution with SCOM and PowerShell

In a previous post I wrote about how you can extend SCOM basic functionality with PowerShell scripts. In this post I will show how you can use SCOM and PowerShell to monitor screen resolution on a certain computer. Image you have a kiosk station where you must show the application in a specific screen resolution. …

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Oct 29

SQL Management Pack version – Do not intsall

About two weeks ago Microsoft have released a new version to their SQL Management Pack with the new version As it turns out, there are some issues with the MP and Microsoft recommends you don’t install it. UPDATE (10/22/2015): We have removed this release from Download Center for the time being. Large number of …

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Oct 28

Extending SCOM monitoring with PowerShell scripts

During the past few weeks I have been working a lot on writing PowerShell scripts that extend the basic/built-in SCOM capabilities. Basically, there’s lots of things my clients wish to monitor but can’t – no Management Packs offer what they need or they require something more complex than what the basic MP’s offer. The beauty …

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Oct 13

PowerShell – Extract IP address from a text file

There are many ways you can perform this, writing a script for example, but I really like the one liner approach. Don’t you? So here’s how I did: Let me break this down for you. I start by reading the content of the file looking for a specific pattern type. I’ve used Chris’s post for …

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